Signs for Schools

If you are purchasing signs on behalf of a school then we will gladly accept an official purchase order via fax, email or post. 

We supply a large number of schools and recognise that a corporate credit card isn’t always available to enable you to complete your order online. All we ask is that payment is made within 30 days of delivery. 

What we suggest is that you still go through the process of adding the items you require to the shopping cart, stating the quantities as required, so that any relevant discounts are applied and the shipping cost is also worked out for you. Then, rather than duplicating all this information into your purchase order, if your systems allow, simply select print from your browser window and attach a copy to your purchase order, which can just be a one line summary of your order, and simply fax or email both items to us. 

School Assembly Point Signs

You will see on our Assembly Point page that we have a vast selection to choose from. Most schools opt for one of our numerical or alphabetical styles, usually 1-6 in primary schools and 7-13 in secondary schools to represent school years. But, we are often asked if we can print a combination of numbers and letters to represent individual form groups within each school year e.g 7F or 8JS. The answer is yes, and ordinarily, at no additional cost. If this is something you would like to consider simply let us know which number/letter combinations you require and the sign part number and we will be able to confirm whether an additional charge would be necessary or not. 

School Fire Action Signs

The fire action notices FA5 to FA10 on our fire action signs page are the one’s that are most often requested by schools for classrooms and corridors. 

Hygiene Signs

We also have a range of signs suitable for school canteens, kitchens and home economics classrooms in our hygiene signs section. 

The most popular signs we supply to schools in terms of quantity are fire exit and fire door signs, but we have signs for most parts of the school including laboratories, workshops, toilets and outside areas.